Save Resource Load Process

In order to get the Resource Schedule Load Graph to fill with data on Pilot, I had to run the ‘Save Resource Load’ process. From what I can tell, everything worked without issue. HOWEVER, what else does this process do? Is schedule data being overwritten? (I’m scared to run this on production)

Epicor Help:
Use the Save Resource Load Process to add load back to jobs scheduled outside of the overload horizon.

To use this process, you first enter a Required By date range. When the process runs, it recalculates all jobs that were scheduled outside of the overload horizon and have Required By Dates within the specified date range. It also allocates load required to produce these jobs against resources.

This process adds the load by writing the load data from the Resource Time Used records of scheduled jobs to the Shop Load table. The Save Resource Load Process accepts entry of date range, reviews scheduling resources available, and restores the load from the Resource Time Used records that were created for the job resources.