Saving Kit Parent Line data on Component parts

We are having an issue with our Sales Order Kit customization. I am hoping it is just lack of experience on our part that is making this more difficult than it feels like it should be.

Our shipping department needs Order comments for each detail line to appear on our version of the Material Queue report. This is not a problem with Non Sales order kits, but because of the way that Epicor handles kits we are running into some issues.

I have created a new customization, that has a text box on the Kit Detail tab of Sales order entry.

This yellow box is where our sales team wants to enter the information sales wants for the kit. I have been attempting to bind this to the orderDtl.OrderComment field, but it is linked back to the parent order line not the component line. as well as making a UD field. Both of these techniques keep tying back to the parent line (13) not the component lines.

What I need is to find a way to store this information at the component level, or even copy it down automatically from the parent, so that shipping can use it in their process.


In this BAQ example, Lines 14,15,16 are what will get sent to the material Queue report. Line 13 is the parent part, it is never seen on the material queue report, since its not something that is physically kept in stock, but is assembled from the 3 components.

Does anyone have any ideas that could help figure this out?

Do you need to have different comments for lines 14 - 16? Or would you just be happy with the comment from line 13 showing on the Mtl Queue report?

If it is the later, you should be able to create a field on the report that will display the parents comment. With each component line on an order, the components parent’s line number is stored. Use that to reference the comment from the parent line.

The Kit Parent Line will never get sent to the report,
I have no idea how to get that information from line 13 to the report. Is there somewhere we can write some code to copy it over, preferably at order entry?

We have experimented with data directives / and custom events but I cannot seem to get something that will work the way it is intended.

Ideally, we would want the detail from line 14 (the component) to show up on in a text box on the kit detail tab, and have it actually update from that same textbox.

Sorry, we are very new to Epicor, and the tools we have worked with thus far have not been able to resolve this issue. I might just be too new to the toolset.

First I’d make sure that the parent line is actually not in the data sent to SSRS.

You said that the comment for non-SK lines print on the report? Look in the RDL to see if that field (or row it is in) is suppressed. If it is temporarily unsuppress it to see if the parent item shows.

To answer your original question, you would want to make a BPM that copies the comment from the parent’s line to the components line prior to updating the component line in the DB. Method Directives are best, but if you have some experience with Data Directives, we can go that route.

I think the following should work:

  1. Create a In-Trans DD on OrderDtl
  2. Add a Condition block to check if the liine being updated or added is a kit component. The easy way to determine if a line is a component, is to check if OrderDtl.KitFlag == 'C'
  3. Use a set Filed widget to set the value of OrderDtl.OrderComment to that of the Parent line’s comment.

Don’t forget to enable the DD and save (in that order).

Now when ever the OrderDtl table is about to be updated the DD will check if the record is for a Sales Kit component. If it is it will copy the Order comment from the Parent’s line to the components comment.

Note that this only works if the parent’s comment is filled in before saving the order line. If you find that it doens’t seem to update the components comments, it might be creating the component lines before you get the parent comment set. So try changing the qty of the parent to get the component lines to update. Obviously you’d want to set the parent comment before changing its qty.

Thank you for all your input. The solution that we found for an easy solution that seems to be working for our team is to bind that custom text box to SalesKit.OrderComment and have the sales team enter the information into the new text box. I was binding OrderDtl.OrderComment previously, which was tied to the parent line and not the kit.