Scan single line into Customer Shipment Entry in one scan

I’ve been asked about using 1 order line with one pack Id. Then we put all the pack id’s for one order on one pallet, and ship it. However, they want to be able to scan a barcode and have the info populated into the Customer Shipment Entry for the one line. Thoughts on this?

Is your scanner a USB scanner hooked up to a compute running MES or a handheld scanner/mobile computer (i.e. zebra/honeywell device) running an app?

handheld mobile scanner

what app are you using to interface with Epicor? Or are you using the web browser version of kinetic?

That one I am not sure. My boss is setting that up, as I work remote, I do not know as of right now. However, do you have a suggestion?

The only 3 apps I know of are:

  • Epicor Kinetic Mobile Warehouse

  • Bezlio – Unleash Your ERP

  • build your own app

  • I heard there was one more and that an individual at insights was pitching it, but I don’t know the name of it.

The EKMW has multifield template barcode scans that you can set up that may work for you, but last I checked you were limited to whatever functionality they built into it. If you want it to do more or less actions or change what it does on the scan action, you are out of luck. You would have to contact them to customize it.

Bezlio can be customized to do whatever you would like it to do. So you could have a matrix barcode or multivalue barcode that the app splits into different values based on a delimiter. In this way you can accomplish what you want with having one scan and then using the info to create a pack/pack line.

Building your own app you can code whatever you want.

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I liked the third option DataMatrix FTW.