Scanning/Attaching PDF's to Kinetic Records More Efficiently

Seeking recommendations for a quicker and more efficient way to attach documents to records in Kinetic. Currently, for example, our team scans batches of customer PO’s onto their computers to save them locally, then they open each file one up, look up the sales order in Kinetic, and then attach each individual PO to its respective sales order via the paperclip icon. We have Docstar, but have not explored all of its functionality yet. Any easier ways to do it? Either through standard functionality or some sort of BPM? Thanks!

Depending on what tools you have available and the volume of documents you are processing, the DocStar (EPICOR ECM) Intelligent Data Capture process would be the answer. But this could be using a sledgehammer to crack a nut as it is time consuming and expensive to get up and going.

We have developed a neat solution for our goods in team where by when they create a new PO Receipt we use bartender to create small “Goods Received” sticker with a QR code on it which contains the sysrow id for the receipt record. They then scan these to a network folder and ECM grabs them, reads the bar code and auto attaches.

A simple ECM Workflow could also help. You could use re-usable document separators and put batches of documents into a scanner and scan to a folder. ECM Would then separate the documents into a wokflow where the users could index by PO number (assuming this is entered on the sales order) do a data lookup and attach each to the related sales order.

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We’ve done a similar receiving process, along with scanning and attaching job traveler packets, HR documents, AP Automation workflows, and a bunch more. ECM/Docstar is the way to go for sure. If you’ve got some multifunction devices in the company, you can add buttons that will send the PDF to right shared folder, ECM will pick it up and OCR it, or barcode read it, or simply set it in a queue for a human to catalog/index. It really works well.

If you’re at Insights, come see the session on Thursday at 1pm. A few of us will be there talking about these sort of ideas. If you can’t make it there, I may be able to do a Zoom call/demo with your team to promote this.

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Customer or Vendor documents are harder since you don’t control the document, but as Steve mentions this is what IDC does in the Sales Order Automation. It scans, creates the sales order and attaches the PO to the sales order.

Using ECM alone on a customer document would be a hard workflow, unless you had something like the barcoded or QR sticker. Indexing in the workflow would work, but I am not sure of the time savings.

Another route, but again not sure of the time savings would be to drop the files named with the PO number into a folder and have a ECM workflow pick them up and attach all that match and then leave the exceptions in the workflow for manual indexing.


We do this sort of thing, but do not have ECM and use DMT / powershell to do import and export to make it happen. The user needs to provide identifying name (record) to file and drop it in monitored folder.

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Grant, I created an ECM workflow to auto attach to receipt entry, could be adapted for POs as well if you want to review it with me. We can link up on teams.


this is something my company is interested in as well.
Think you could point me in the right direction for that?
Did you use automation studio?

we used ECM worklfows, sorry I should’ve been more specific in my post. I edited it. If either of you are going to insights this year, I’ll be presenting it.

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