Scheduled hours for workcells

Sounds, on initial reading, that you have a disconnect between the reality of
what is occurring in the shop and how it is defined in Vantage. If it were me,
I would create a cell workcenter (e.g. WORKCELL). Your routing would then
consist of a single operation called BUILD PART. You would not be concerned
about the specifics of each machine in the cell but would be concerned with the
throughput of parts through the cell.

If you need detailed work instructions you can enter them into the operation

Mike Lowe
Connor Manufacturing Services

PS - This is a short (due to some time constraints) answer to what could be a
potentially long, philosophical discussion.

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Subject: [Vantage] Scheduled hours for workcells
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Date: 11/1/2002 3:58 PM

We have an ongoing problem here with Vantage scheduled hours versus
how jobs are actually ran when we setup workcells. For example, we
have a job that uses (3) separate workcenters(machines) each with its
own operation in the routing. Our workcenters are setup to match one
for one with a specific machine, setup with (1) person and (1)
machine per each of these operations. The problem is that we have the
rate set for these machines equal to the pieces per hour we expect,
let's say 200 per hour. So vantage looks at the hours needed for 200
pieces to be 1 hour for each operation, or a job total of 3 hours.
When in actualy it only takes 1 hour to do all three operations
because only 1 person is running all three machines at the same time.
I am curious at how others have their workcenters and routing setup
for workcell type environments.



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