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I am trying to figure out the best method to have a report run on a scheduled time frame (which is easily done) but have the report generate/save to a CSV on the server somewhere.

I have the report running every hour, and that works great. I can open up the system monitor, go to Reports, and open the report. But, I want to be able to find that CSV file on the server. I have poked around all of the usual spots, and am unable to find anything on the server.

The report I am running every hour is the AR Aged Receivables report.

Anyone have any ideas?

Hmm, not an expert in this but a couple options come to mind. You could try a BAQ export which will create a CSV on the server. If you have advanced print routing you could set up a report style to get emailed to an inbox every few hours.

I can create a BAQ to export a report? Interesting. I’ll look into that process.

NO. You can only export the actual BAQ results.

So anything you need to do in the Report (filtering, grouping, running totals, etc…) will not be applied.

You would need to make a BAQ that does everything you need in the final report.

I ended up just making a CSV-like report using calculated fields in the report to add all the quotes and commas, to make it look like a PDF of a CSV file. The user then copys all the text from the PDF and pastes it into a text file. It’s ugly. But it works.

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If you have a DMT liicence, you can create a BAQ and use DMT to export the BAQ results as a CSV.

In the past I have created a Powershell script that is scheduled via task Manager.

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err not to export the report, although this could be done via a UBAQ and custom code, but that’s not exactly a clean implementation. I was referring to the standard BAQ results export.

Check out this previous topic to see if it helps.

Transfer Reports to Folder

That did it. Thanks!