Scheduled Shipments Report with Packing Slip No. for Staged Qty

If anyone else needs this function please give support a call. See
the response from Vantage below:
I see now. This issue was written up as an enhancement request (see
below) and at this point has no other calls attached to it. This
sounds like an `easy' fix, but that doesn't automatically
mean it
will get added. I will pass the feedback to development for
consideration, but at this point the earliest would be the Sonoma
(7.0) release.

Page ID 8531MPS

The Scheduled Shipments Report should have the packing slip number
for staged quantities.

SCR 4292 was fixed on the 5.10.129 patch to account for items that
are pending shipments. The staged quantity would be more useful if
the packing slip(s) were also listed.
VERSION: 5.20.305

Related Issue Number: 834503MPS
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