Scheduling - accommodating for overtime

We do nothing. Say we're behind in a resource, we decide to work an
extra shift that day or an extra weekend shift. The schedule will show
us being behind before the start. Then, we use that extra "on the fly"
capacity to consume load. The next day, we will be back on track.

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Subject: [Vantage] Scheduling - accomodating for overtime

What is the practice you use to accomodate for more "on the fly"
capacity for the scheduling system?

Do you increase crew-size, hours per resource, a calendar(s), other?

Assuming the calendar is 5 days x 24 hrs. per day and sometimes
saturday's and/or sundays are approved for specific work
centers/resources. What is the method you are using to accomodate this
random capacity increase?

Perhaps you let scheduling still run, but adjust on the floor by adding
overtime and not changing anything in Vantage?

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