Scheduling COS / WIP Capture

I’m new to Epicor and I’ve been tasked as a back-up resource to run the COS/WIP capture process at month end. We run on 4 4 5 schedule so the Month-end is a Saturday night and the process needs to be started at 8PM or so on Saturday. We run a reconciliation report first to identify any errors, but is there a technical reason why scheduling the process would not get the job done?

@AWRob Welcome. Yes you can schedule the wip recon report and the capture. If you want them to run in sequence then put them in a process set and schedule the process set and not the individual tasks.

You can schedule it to be every 4 weeks or 5, but not yet to the end of a fiscal period. There is an Epicor idea to allow scheduling for start or end of Fiscal period if you are inclined to vote for it.

When capturing up to the current day you also need to be sure there are no active labor records or they will be posted.

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I had a way to schedule 4-4-5 before. I want to say I created three schedules with 13 week intervals (maybe 91 day intervals?). I then set the “next run” for the end of the next three periods respectively. Then one schedule would be for the 5 week period, and one schedule would run at the end of the first 4 week, another would run on the end of the second 4 week.

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Thanks for the help!

Interesting Idea. I’ll give it a try.

Thanks for the feedback!