Scheduling gaps on multiple resources

Hey all,

I have an MRP/Scheduling question. At least one.

We have nine machines that perform a similar function. They make a high volume of a limited number of parts. Advanced manufacturing module licensed.

All machines can run most parts, but a few parts can be made only on one of two machines. Operations on the parts are scheduled with Capabilities. Parts limited to the two lines have capabilities with only the two resources. Others have capabilities with all nine resources, but are set with Resource Priorities set with higher values to preferred machines, with these two at zero.

The parts each have a single operation.

The bulk of sales demand from the products happens during the holiday season (Oct - Dec), which means they need to start producing product in January and build through the year.

We have MPS schedules in place for these parts to level out the demand, with due dates on the first of each month. In our Test environment, we have demand out until December 1, 2020.

Resources are marked as finite capacity. When we run MRP in finite mode we get job suggestions scheduled across all the resources, but there are lots and lots of gaps between, and the jobs run progressively later and blow past the last MPS due date.

We’ve yet to figure out what’s causing the gaps.

This is on an E9 to 10.2.400 uplifted DB. It’s had the conversions run. After making the finite capacity, capabilities, MPS, etc. changes, we’ve run Generate Shop Capacity.

Running Global Scheduling doesn’t seem to change much, with or without Finite Load checked.

We can run MRP infinitely and manually reschedule the jobs, but we’d like MRP come up with something pretty close the first pass.

Any suggestions? What did I leave out?