Scheduling Multiple operations on one resource

We make large mining trucks and the assembly stage of the truck include multiple operations that need to be started and completed on one resource. The resources represent truck build bays. All trucks (with multiple operations) are scheduled to one resource groups which encompass multiple resources. The issue I am facing is that the operations are not staying at the same resource where the first operation commenced. Its jumps back and forth from one resource to another. In addition to this problem, it also creates gaps between two consecutive operations. This in our world means that the “truck moves from one bay to another after start” plus there are weeks gaps between the two operations (Too big of a WIP). No physical space to stage a truck.

Hi Jayaram,

I think we have the same issue as you with multiple operations at the same resource group. We don’t want the queue and move time to be applied for the second and third ops when scheduling because the job is already at the resource group. Did you ever come up with a solution or work around for this? Thanx!

have you tried using Concurrent Capacity?

I have tried it but it didnt worked for us

the other option is to give each of the two simultaneous running operations half of the time, with no queueing nor waiting time, e.g. Op.1 and Op.2 will run together on Resource.A for 10 minutes production is the same -form the scheduling time point of view- as each operation will take 5 minutes production time, and Give the jobs that these two operations belong to the same scheduling priority.

coming in late on this topic, sorry.

You do need the Adv Prod Scheduling license for concurrent capacity to do anything and you need to be using finite scheduling. I am trying to get this working for our company right now.

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Did you ever find a solution for this? We upfit work trucks and need the ability to complete multiple operations in the same resource (Bay) and haven’t had any luck figuring this out.

Followup here: for us, it worked when each operation was defined with a resource (location or machine) with a concurrent capacity of 1. Also, the resource group had always 1 resources instead of plenty. Using multiple resources under a resource group was a chaos to say the least.

of course there are other factors/variables will effect the process, you can use multiple resources under resource groups and i have set my environment this way and worked great and Epicor will distribute the load between them without using the advanced module, but your Operation/BOO need to be set to the resource group as a scheduling requirement and nothing under resource.