Scheduling parent subassembly to begin at the same time as child subassembly

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed Insights (it was so lovely to meet many of you!)

We are back to business and trying to optimize our job scheduling. We would like to consolidate our jobs into subassemblies to ensure they stay aligned and connected when changes are made. We’ve therefore moved a child component (previously on its own job as make to stock) to Subassembly 1 of the finished good. The problem is that the Parent Subassembly is happening as we manufacture the child component (so more or less concurrently), but the system is scheduling the subassemblies sequentially. I have tried to use start-to-start, with a send ahead, however it seems that this would only apply to two ops with in the same Subassembly. Any suggestions on how to configure this? Ideally, we would have both subassemblies begin at the same time, however, I am ok if I needed to build in a slight offset.
A couple of notes:
1 - we do not want multiple ops on the same Subassembly, as there are occasions we made need to put the child part to stock. Also, the child part lives on many different parent parts, so we would rather keep it as its own part in the system for easy Method maintenance.
2 - the parent subassembly is a quite literally an assembly operation, where the child part and other materials are assembled onto a pallet. We testremoving most of the production time from the final operation (as the time is really driven by the child part), and this would address our timing issue, however, with tihs config, the other material required for final assemble are only expected at the end of the child subassembly, when in reality we would have needed it throughout.

Sorry for the long post! I did see that there were some similar posts in the past, but I wanted to make sure I differentiated our requirements.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions - you guys are truly the best!


Are you using a Rel Opr value on the Subassembly ?


Yes, we are!

the only offset you will get will be from the time on the subassembly operations.