Scheduling relationship between multiple operation in assemblies

Hi everyone,

We are looking at setting up a new product that has a subassembly 1 which contains an operation which runs prior to the asm 0 operation. As soon as the first subassembly comes of the production line, it waits 3 hours for cooling before it starts moving into production on asm 0 op 10. Move and Queue time in the resource group will need give us what we need. Have also explored the send ahead offset and that won’t work either.

Has anyone come across the ability of being able to have a scheduling relationship with different operations contained in different assemblies?

Thanks in advance!

Set up move time for the operation on Asy 1. The scheduler will factor that in when scheduling Asy 0.

You may have to play with the value a bit to get the desired result, as move time factors in resource group calendar. But, you can get realistic results through iteratations.

Screenshot of how one of our jobs is scheduled. We use queue times, move times simply put the delay after the operation instead of before.