Scheduling setup after major changes

It’s me again. I was wondering if any of the scheduling gurus can help me resolve an issue I trying to schedule.
The scenario is we have lets say 4 stations that employees can work at. 2 are staffed right now. It is possible that people from a similar area can come over and staff these stations.
My thought is that these 4 stations have a size constraint. where the other staff is located has a size constraint also. so my though was to have a resource group with 6 staff resources that can be shared amongst these areas. The problem then becomes we only have 4 stations that can be staffed. I have only ever used scheduling to look for one resource. I believe I now need to setup employees and stations as a resource. Some resources in that set have a capability that none of the others have. I believe my logic is right below but I am not a scheduling guru. Any suggestions I am all ears.

Operation xxx
Scheduling requirements 2 resource groups (1 the stations and1 the staff)

Operation xxx with a capability of x
scheduling requirements 2 resource groups ( 1 stations with x capability and 1 staff with x capability)

Will this work as I think it will that it will schedule 4 stations and 4 staff to max if needed and the other staff will get scheduled to other stations?

I have only ever used scheduling with very easy configurations before and now this time I need something a little more complex to hopefully be able to use the staff we have in a manner that does not require us hiring more staff just to stand around when there is no work.

Thanks for any help you all can provide.