Scheduling SubAssemblies on a Job

We are attempting to tackle tracking our quality jobs in Epicor for the first time. We have a series of Tests we perform on parts. These tests are broken up first by Grouping, with Group A, B or C as the main groups. The groups are then further broken down by sub-groups, C1, C2, etc. Each sub-group will have one or more operations that are the actual tests we are performing.

The rules are that Group A must be completed first, and then Group B and Group C can be started at the same time. Each sub-group can also start at the same time, but the operations must be completed in sequence. This is what led us to look at sub-assemblies to do it.

The issue is that even if we forward schedule the job, Epicor is scheduling all the operations and subassemblies to finish at the same time, whenever the job is set due. I’m sure there is a solution that will fix it, a previous consulting company helped us do it on a few jobs when we were testing upgrades and improvements, but they recently retired and their replacements cannot figure it out. I’m hopeful someone here will have the solution.

We are in

This is how it should look

This is how it’s currently looking.

I think you want to set the operations at start to start, finish to start and finish to finish.

From Field help

The relationship between this operation and the preceding operation. This helps you schedule the operations, as it defines the relationship each operation has with the other operations. There are three options:

  • Start-to-Start – The application schedules one operation to start as soon as the previous operation begins.
  • Finish-to-Finish – The application schedules one operation to finish at the same time that a previous operation finishes.
  • Finish-to-Start – The application schedules one operation to begin as soon as the previous operation ends.

The scheduling option you select here is not used across all the assemblies. Select the scheduling options you need on each operation.

Tip: The first operation on each assembly is always treated as finish-to-start. The operation Start Date is based on the Due Date from the last operation on a previous assembly.

Operations in the main assembly are set start to start where it’s applicable. The subassemblies are in the finish to start within their operation trees as those operations should be sequenced that way.