Scheduling with capabilities -- over scheduling some resources

Hey there,

I have a resource group with eight lines of “slitting” machines.

Most products can be run on any machine in the resource group, a few can run only on two. We’re using Capabilities (finite scheduling) to try to schedule them well.

Here’s a typical capability setup on the limited parts:

|C-DS10|Concord Slitting DS10|2|1|
|C-DS3-P|Concord Slitting DS3|1|1|

And one that can run on a wider selection:

|C-DS10|Concord Slitting DS10|1|1|
|C-DS11-P|Concord Slitting DS11|2|1|
|C-DS12-P|Concord Slitting DS12|8|1|
|C-DS2-P|Concord Slitting DS2|5|1|
|C-DS3|Concord Slitting DS3|6|1|
|C-DS6-PR|Concord Slitting DS6|4|1|
|C-DS7|Concord Slitting DS7|3|1|
|C-DS9|Concord Slitting DS9|7|1|

Note that this one can run on any of the eight resources.

What I’m seeing is that the two machines above, C-DS10 and C-53-P are getting filled with parts limited to these two machines PLUS parts that can run in any, resulting in the jobs that can only schedule on C-DS10 or C-53-P being blown out way late, with empty pipes for the other six at that point.

How might I tell Epicor to elevate priorities with parts limited to the two machines above the ones that can run on any?



you mean C-DS3-P?

For me, I would remove the capability for the operation so that the resource can be scheduled first to make sure the schedulling is working fine.

Then you can start to add capbility for the operation that require the special resource.