Screen jumping

When I open some screens and try to click on something it jumps to another part of the screen. Takes many attempts sometimes to select something because it keeps jumping to other lines.

That sounds odd, is it random screens? Are you using the Kinetic UI or the old Classic? Have a screen shot you could share?

Additional questions–you mention “some screens”. What screens? Is it exclusive to those? Do they have customizations on them? If so, does it work okay in base?

If using the new UX, are you using the embedded browser from the smart client or are you using the web based one?

I’ve seen that happen in just about every Kinetic form that loads records past the retrieval limit, which I think is 50 records. This is a screen recording of a BAQ Grid from my homepage.

Scroll down to the point more records are loaded, click a record such that it is highlighted with a border, then click another record. It’ll jump to the bottom. It is annoying behavior but we just deal with it.

We are currently running 2022.2.9 on-prem. Aiming to jump to 2023 as soon as possible.

If that’s what it is, then that’s fixed in 2023.

It doesn’t sound like it, though.


Here’s another video of the behavior where I got it to happen more consistently.
Highlight a record at the top, then click a record at the bottom. It’ll jump to another position with each subsequent click until you reach the bottom.

I’m sorry but I don’t have a workaround. This one bugs me too.

We’ve seen it consistently in Part Entry and Part Tracker (if you enter a new part number while in the main page, it skips down half-way or so); in Receipt Entry (when you receive a 2nd or 3rd line on a pack slip and click Save, it jumps back to the Line 1 screen), and most search grids (as you mention).

According to Epicor Support, this is fixed as part of a “general framework fix” in 2023.1. I haven’t personally tested them all yet, but anecdotally the two specific ones I mention above are both working correctly now.

Film at 11…

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I’ve been in those screens a lot in 2021, 2022, and 2023 and have never seen that.

Is this more cloud chicanery?

I ran into this last night with a dashboard I made.

It’s basically unusable, because this dashboard can’t be paged, and has 3700 items in it.

You can imagine the jumping.

If you hold your mouth just right and triple click when it’s not looking you can make it work inconsistently.

It’s fantastic.

Edit: Haven’t tried in 2023.1 yet.


Just upgraded to 2023 when I got back, they are doing UAT on it now. Hope to hear it’s working okay!

This was actually an on-prem customer, using the Kinetic interface from the Smart Client (and consistent through at least 2022.2.8-12). There was a single UD field on the Part/Part Tracker, and no customizations on Receipt Entry. Epicor Support’s reply to our ticket was basically, yeah, we know, we mostly re-wrote the entire foundation for 2023.

They upgraded last week. I’m in a session with them later today, I’ll test both of those screens and let y’all (I live in SC now) know what happens.


Thanks Ernie!

I think I’ve made a solution with all the junk I need to test in 2023.1.

I’ll let y’all know my results in a few hours. (Kiddo Dr Appointment)

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It’s improved, but far from fixed.

I’m not sure if you can see what I want to show, but here is 2022.2.11 vs 2023.1:



Yeah still jumpy from what I could observe, yeah?

2023.1.4, on-prem, Kinetic UX from Smart Client

Part Master - works flawlessly.
Part Tracker - select a part number from the landing page, then manually type a DIFFERENT part number into the field and hit TAB… screen jumps down to the next panel.

There IS a customization here (an additional panel with a bunch of UD fields), but it’s the same customization on both Part and Part Tracker and I didn’t have a chance to remove the customization and try again.

Didn’t have a chance to test Receipt Entry either. Should also probably test them from Kinetic UX in the browser.

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