Search tool: Pre Load Search Filter

Has anyone ever setup a search “Pre Load Search Filter” in Kinetic? We have a series of parts that have a prefix I’d like to have this search function filter on as that are the only parts this search should return. In classic we don’t have a filter set so our users are “used” to not having it but I thought it’d be a nice feature to bring in Kinetic.

I’ll see if I can find a json “begin with” syntax to test with. Just thought I’d ask as it was on my mind.



Here’s an example from Epicor’s (not a begins with, but you can glean syntax from it):

For other users, I got this working, but it’s not very intuitive for the users.

"PartNum >= 'IG-'"

What happens is when you click the button to open the search dialog, it doesn’t actually show anything is preloaded, but if you hit search without modifying any values, it shows the preload is working.


Nice work!