SecturaFab Estimating & Quoting

Anyone out there using SecturaFab for their Estimating & Quoting? If yes, thoughts/opinions? Is it being used stand alone or integrated?

Just started at a new company and they recently purchased it and we will be integrating it with Epicor.

Hey John,
I work for a fabricator in Tennessee and we are about to go through an Integration with SecturaFab as well. One issue we are running in to is that in Epicor we use “Each” pricing for our sheet metal and not “cost/LB” like SecturaFab uses. Did you guys run into a similar issue?

Luckily I was hired specifically to shore up Epicor as this is a new division that we are opening. So I had a blank canvas to work with and set up a custom EA-LB UOM. So we are not running into that issue but I have experienced the same thing at other companies.

I am sure that you probably do not want to go through the pain of creating new part numbers to assign a custom UOM, but that may be your only “good” option for a smooth integration.

Another unique thing of this division is that we are prototype only and are only buying blanks in one size and we charge the customer for the whole blank regardless of how much is actually used.

How are you currently stocking remnants?

We actually do the same, we currently charge customers for the amount of blanks in Epicor and do not keep remains. I created a BAQ in Epicor to create a table of all Purchased Blanks, and defined a field as the unit price / net weight. I am wondering if SecturaFab can pull from my BAQ because that would give them the price/LB that they need.

I am very new to SecturaFab but have been using Epicor for two years.

Yes, they should be able to use REST to access your BAQ

Thanks John this is very helpful.

Hey John,
Do you guys use secturafab to generate the quote in Epicor? In Epicor we use the MFG details that are held at the Part Rev level to enter estimated labor times, I am having a hard time seeing how we will be able to get secturafab to translate that data to Epicor with proper sequence for the operations.

Yes. The parts we are quoting are not in Epicor and we are not going to save them in the part master. Our times will be coming from SecturaFab through the integration.

One of the benefits of SecturaFab is the calculators that determine what the times will be. If you already have that info in Epicor, I would just do a quote in Epicor for those. Otherwise, just ask SecturaSoft to call Get Details on the integration.

Hi John,
Based on your experience, would you give a positive reference for SecturaFAB if you were asked?

Hi Taylor,
How has your implementation of SecturaFAB gone?
Would you give it a positive reference if you were asked?

Welcome @TCTWOOD !

Yes, I would give a positive reference. I believe it still had a way to go, but it was good software that integrated well with Epicor. I no longer work at that company, but they were constantly working on improving their software and adding new features.

Thanks, John. That’s encouraging.
I hope all is going great at the new company. I have a client who is new to SecturaFAB and hasn’t gone live yet, and a prospective client interested in checking before they buy.