Security of Cloud based solutions

Just read an article about Chinese hackers exploiting security lapse in cloud based systems. And the lack of any real fight against them.

This isn’t the disruptive hacking of a WannaCry or DDOS attack. But rather it’s really corporate spying.

This made me question how secure ones info is in the could?

When you host the servers yourself, you at least have control at the firewall. And even if it’s not blocking hackers, you can at least see that there was unexpected data traffic, to know you might be compromised.

What is Microsoft’s duty to inform Azure customers when their data centers might have been breached? Or any other Cloud based storage system?

MS, Google, etc…
I assume security will improve incrementally as the cloud matures.
And I expect companies will become more responsible as legislation is implemented with the intent of protecting interested parties. (I get the impression that Europe is ahead of the U.S. in this area).
Regardless… I doubt I’ll ever feel 100% secure about anything stored on a computer.

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The majority of the breaches weren’t due to technical security lapses, but rather through acquired credentials. And they’re talking about the credentials of the service providers, not the clients users.

If MS finds that one of its administrators had their credentials compromised, and that the customers data in an Azure system was copied, you think they’re gonna tell any one?

They are generally required to disclose breaches. Specially after GDPR

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