Select Serial Number Entry

So I have been attempting to force a little more structure on the serial control functions in Epicor. The idea being that given any serial number you should be able to tell what revision the part was and and when it was made. The easiest approach to this was to place these values in the serial table. My approach was to use the select serial number entry form to do this and it is working after some playing with including and moving data back and forth.

However I would like to honor the earlier select of revision that can occur places like the PO/Receipts Entry and Serial Number Assignment. The issue is that to do this I am relying on the Transaction Type and the SourceRowID, but in the case of Receipt Entry the serial number entry is being called when the Source Row, the Receipt detail, is still in memory and has not been saved so it does not send a SourceRowID. So if there is a better way to do that it may solve the issue. My approach for right now is to make the system save the receipt detail when the the Serial Number button is clicked. To do this I was forced to use the Mouse Down event then manually call the PerformClick Event to trigger the click. That seems a little clunky to me so I wanted to check if there was a way to send the data to the Select Serial Number Form from the unsaved Receipt Detail and if not how best to handle a click event and imposing another event before it triggers.

Does the Serial Tracker not contain the information that you need?

No the serial number params object only contains a transtype and SourceRowID it does not pass a Revision or MFG date. Also i just rediscovered that you can not save a receipt detail without selecting the serial numbers so my option of just saving the detail will not work.

That’s right, since Epicor does not track revisions in inventory it would not be in the tracker.

If you have AUOM Module, you can use that to track revisions.

Epicor is soon releasing the ability to track revisions in Inventory.

I’m REALLY interested how this will be implemented. There will be so many challenges with BOMs, Equivalent Job Material, MRP, Alternate Parts, Run Out, …

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me too!

That is very good to know, maybe I will go forward with what I have as good enough for now. The recording of the Revision and MFG Date is working I just wanted to default in previously selected values.