Send email when Pack Slip is created for customers on credit hold

I am trying to create a BPM to send email notification to AR when a packing slips are created for customers that are on credit hold. The customer is on credit hold message appears and the packing slip is not created and the Erp.BO.CustShip.GetHeadOrderInfo business object always returns ds.ShipHead.CreditHold = False value. The trace data did not help to identify where the credit hold value is coming from.
Any ideas on how to do it?

I do my own message and suppress Epicor’s pre-processing on GetheadOrderInfo using Customer.CreditHold and Customer.CreditHoldSource.

You could put the email message in a call context field and then post processing if the call context field is not empty fire the email to AR.

Thanks Greg, I’ll give it a try.