Send SSRS Report to specific printer

We have four basic/custom reports in Epicor that are fairly basic. They ask for some data which the user inputs, the report is generated, and then the user hits Print, selects the printer, and goes on their merry way.

The issue with this is that the destination printer will be different based on what report the user is printing. It is becoming very obvious that the users cannot be bothered to select the correct printer before hitting the Print button, which is causing the document to be sent to the incorrect printer. This, in turn, creates unnecessary delays on the shop floor.

Does anyone know of a way within SSRS to send a report to a specific printer w/o user intervention? Or at least have it select the correct printer automatically?

The only other option I can think of is to create a custom menu in Epicor and use that to collect the data and then programmatically send it to the correct printer using some clever C# code.


Use advanced printing and routing
You can hen automatically pick the right printer for them after they submit the report

It works great

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as long as it is a server printer right?

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Correct the printer needs to be setup as a Printer in Epicor.

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When you say “Advanced Printing and Routing”, that’s referring to the “AdvancePrinting” module, right? (the one that my new employer doesn’t have purchased…)

Then I noticed that in Report Style Maintenance there is a “SSRS Printers” section. So, I went ahead and threw in the IT Printer (which is set up as a printer in Epicor).

Either that does nothing unless the AdvancePrinting module is available, or it is broke…because it does not seem to do anything at all. Or, am I completely missing something with that?

Maybe try a client trace and see if there is any place where you might be able to put a bpm to get the correct printer populated by default.

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