Serial Assignment After the Fact


Just a question to the group on the ‘Where do I begin’ for this project. We have a machine that test/builds a product and assigns it a serial number with a serial number seeding stored on that machine. It does not record the job number these products were created under. There are many products per one job created. Is there a way to update the job with the serial numbers for the products created.


There are a couple different ways to assign serial numbers to a job. Of course, the part you are manufacturing has to be setup to be serial tracked and then you can add whatever serial number you want. You can do this during job labor entry by requiring a serial number during an operation. This would force whomever is completing quantities on the job to enter serial numbers. Or, you can just ad them using the Serial Number Assignment screen.

All of our serial tracked products have serial numbers from other sources and we just record them into Epicor as we complete the jobs. Let me know if you need more details.

Thanks Ed. Of course this only 10,000 foot view on to this issue. But I think this is good start. We currently use serial numbers on some products but there is only one piece per job on those products. This case would be a different practice for us.

Thanks again

After re-reading your post, I fear I may have misunderstood your question. If you are talking about creating different products from the same job, not many of the same product, then I’m not sure what I wrote is applicable. Sorry if this created any confusion.