Serial Number help

I don’t think we have things set up properly in our system. Currently at each part they are tracking serial numbers they have the S/N Format set up for the following

And I can change the prefix to say 2020FA but the parts are still getting assigned as 2019FA.

I thought maybe we set this up wrong and needed to do it by a mask but I can’t get it to look right on the mask maintenance under the example

I don’t think the prefix is stored with the S/N, when you have Numeric Only selected.

I am 99.9% sure you can use the prefix with Numeric or Alpha-numeric. Cannot use with SerialMask (it has it’s own thing).

I have never tried changing the serial prefix. Maybe there is a counter somewhere in the database that is not being updated by your change.

After further testing, it looks like once you creat SN’s for a part, changes to the parts S/N settings don’t want to take affect.

My test part was originally Numeric Only, with a blank Prefix.

I used Qty Adj to make the demand for P/N’s, using the “Select Serial Numbers” dialog. The “Create Serial Numbers” tab shows that the SN Prefix is blank. I add them, select them and then finish the Qty Adj.

After creating the S/N’s (via the Qty Adj), I go pack to the parts and enter a S/N Prefix and save.

Using Qty Adj Again, the Add Range of Serial Numbers still show no Prefix

Making a new P/N (actually just duplictaed the test part), and setting the Prefix before any S/N’s are generated:

Then during the Qty Adj I see:

After the Qty Adj is processed, the new Part’s S/N’s do include the prefix


And after changing the prefix of the new part,


the S/N’s still want to use the old prefix.


Just to double check, are you checking both the S/N Format on the Detail tab AND the Sites Detail tab?

just on the Part. I don’t see the SN on Site detail

We had all sorts of issues with global parts and serial number formats. I would check the Sites->Detail tab to make sure it matches the Part Detail.

Here is what we have found to be the case in our system:

  1. Serial Number Prefix used:
    If stock on hand, S/N Format on Site Tab greyed out
    To change Prefix, Stock Adjust all parts out, ( S/N Format available), Change Prefix, Stock Adjust In same Qty Stock Adjust out( they will come in as old SN Prefix. New SN Prefix will apear on new SN creation

Opps, didnt finish
2) When using SN Mask, SN Format is Available on Site Tab but same procedure as above( Stock Adjust out, Change Mask, Stock Adjust in) in order to get new SN Mask to persist.

Weird in my book but that is what we found to work…P.S. I do detest Stock Adjustments, to me its a sign that something in the ‘System’ is not right…


In our case we make sure we get this message when we save.