Serial Number location vs On Hand Quantity location

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So I am new to Serial Numbers in Epicor.

I am seeing issues where the potential problem is that the on hand quantity is in on warehouse bin but the serial number (in the Serial Number Maintenance screen) says it is in another warehouse bin. This appears to make it so that we cannot transact against a particular serial number that is in a different bin than the on hand quantity.

First, does this sound like I have it correct? Also, if yes, how does this happen.
Finally, how do I rectify it? Do I simply update the location in the Serial Number Maintenance screen?


What are your SN settings at the Site?


One cause that we saw was a user needs to move a serialized inventory item from one bin/whse to another.
Instead of a transfer they open the serial number in serial number maintenance and change the Warehouse and Bin on the SN record. The qty is still in the first bin, but the serial now shows in the new bin.

Here is a “learned that the hard way” tip - if you do cycle counts or physical inventory, be absolutely sure that the grand total of serial numbers in inventory is equal to the quantity OH in inventory before you freeze the count. If not, you will gain or lose on them (falsely).

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I have a slightly similar issue to this but I don’t know how it happened. Our SN’s and locations for a part in a specific warehouse shows 187pcs with an assigned SN, that was verified by a physical count… however if you look at part tracker for that warehouse it states 188pcs are in there. On the opposite side of things in part tracker a second warehouse is reporting 1 piece less than physical, and the SN report matches the physical count.

The only way I see to fix this is to do a qty adjustment on each warehouse to get that value to show correctly, and match the number of active SN’s in each warehouse. Is that the appropriate fix? I tried the QOH recalculation programs and such and neither one resulted in a recalculation of the on hand qty’s.

sum it up easier PN 21515
SN’s assigned to QC warehouse 187, Reported QOH in Part tracker 188
SN’s assigned to Finished Goods warehouse 283, Reported QOH in part tracker 282

You will need to use Serial Number Maintenance to resolve this. Enter the S/N of the missing S/N assigned in 283 and change the ‘Bin’ location & Warehouse to match the location of the 188. You should be able to then freely inventory transfer the numbers around without any problems.

How am I supposed to determine which one is “missing” when my physical count matches the SN assignments listed in Epicor? The only thing that’s wrong is the QOH values.

If you look through Part Tracker, Enter Part then Click Serial Numbers you should be able to determine which one is broken from there.

If you can’t find it, mail me a screenshot & I should be able to help.

That’s what I’m saying, you can not… That list matches my physical count exactly, no number appears to be out of place. Listing all Inventory status SN’s there are 187SN’s for QC warehouse and 283 for Finished Goods… yet the QOH on the warehouses tab shows 188 and 282.

Well in that case, pick any random S/N from the 187 QC warehouse change the Warehouse & Bin on Serial Number Maintenance to the warehouse with the QOH of 283 and then inventory transfer that S/N back. It’ll then be correct.

Thank you, tested that solution on my training DB and it will work as expected. I hate messing with the S/N Maintenance side of things, I know it can really mess up the link of the SN to it’s job or location sometimes.

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No problem! We’ve had the same issue before where SNs split from the quantity and sometimes maintenance is the only solution.

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