Serial numbers for parts that are the customers and 'pass through' our process

Hello all,

I am working on setting up EPICOR for a new type of product/process that we will start to process in the near future.
It is a little different from our norm where we usually receive raw materials and process them into a finished good.

The new process is a cleaning process. So, the customer will send their product to us, we clean the product and then send it back.
With this product it will have a Customer part number and customer serial number. Also we have setup our own internal part no. and set EPICOR to give internal serial number as well (to have a standardised serial on our end)

A couple of questions I have are:

  1. Is there anyway to create a direct link between the 2 serial numbers? Right now the only place I have found was to enter it into a UD box on serial number maintenance called ‘Reference’ Probably at goods-in would be ideal i.e enter Customer serial at this point & then internal is generated.

  2. Some of these parts may come through to us more than once and if it does I’d like to be able for EPICOR to recognise that we have previously processed it?

Thank in advance!

I would strongly recommend using the Customer part number and Customer serial number instead of an internal one. This will make your processes much easier. I would ask the Customer to supply a digital list of the serial numbers that they will be supplying you so that you can easily import them on receipt.

Is the Customer differentiating between un-clean and clean parts? It would be in their best interest if they did as it will get confusing with just 1 part number. In my opinion, they should send you part XYZ-U and you should ship them back XYZ (where the U stands for un-clean). The reason why I am asking this is because of how you would set up your routings to clean the parts.

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply!

I have taken your recommendation and setup so that parts can be booked in under the customer’s serial number.
Then these are used as material ‘dirty’ parts in the job which are processed into the ‘clean’ part number.
Serial matched these numbers so that they are joined.

The issue I’m having now is trying to book back into stock a serial (customer) that has already been processed, as this cleaning process can be performed more than once.

I get an error message saying that the part hasn’t been rejected or shipped. Which kinda makes sense because the sub-part hasn’t been shipped but also it is showing as consumed and is matched to the parent part’s Serial - so not quite sure what is going on/how to get around it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



Is it still a child to the parent SN? Or are you trying to put it back into stock as itself?

I’m trying to book it back into stock as the ‘dirty’ part number and entering the serial for the ‘dirty’ part.

The ‘dirty’ part is still serial matched to the parent I believe.

I previously shipped out the parent part with ‘dirty’ part having been consumed as part of the job.


You will have to un-match that serial number from the upper assembly. You might be able to do this in Serial Number Maintenance (it’s been a while). If not, you will have to issue to a job and un-match.