Server 2016 and Sql 2014

In Epicor’s documentation they have listed the different Server and SQL combinations that will work together. Sever 2016 and Sql 2016 are listed to work together. Server 2012 and Sql 2012 and Sql 2014 work together. If we use Server 2016 with SQL 2014 on a test system, what issues will we encounter?

Since Epicor hasn’t “certified” that configuration for us,
(or someone on this site has already tested/verified)
I don’t think you can be certain of all potential issues advance.

Maybe could try a basic installation and then add a demo database, then some trial and error? Assuming you don’t need to preserve any parts of the test systems.

That what we are doing. We have a issue currently and I was wondering if anyone had been down this rabbit hole yet.