Service Connect and EDI Output

I am needing a bit of guidance on getting the service connect workflow function to create a simple pipe delimited file that contains the header, invoice lines and a end terminator line. I seem to have been going around in circles.

I have tried using the csv2xml conversion as well as the csv append converter, but am only getting one line (the header) of data in the resultant file. I have tried various iterations of the xsd, but to no avail. I am assuming now that I need to build the file with multiple conversions for each part of the document instead of trying to map the schema from the EDI output file of the ARForm report.

I am interested in how others have done this with service connect or am I just wasting my time.

If anyone has any simple examples to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

I know I can create the file with a BPM straight up, (thanks @Randy) but I want to use the SFTP functionality in service connect to give a complete solution instead of having to use a SFTP client to send the files.

Basically we are trying to achieve EDI, but our requirements at this stage (one customer) do not call for the cost of Tie Kinetix.

It seems to me that I would have thought Service Connect to be the correct tool for this sort of thing, but as others have mentioned lack clear simple information is the bit that is missing from making it a really good tool.

Any assistance appreciated.

Do you guys have the Demand Management module(s)? Epicor hasn’t needed Service Connect to do EDI in a long time. With that module there are report RDDs that are specific to EDI, just usually need to tweak them a bit like the normal report RDDs.

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Yes we have demand management. Do mean modify the RDD for the report and strip all the labels etc? Is it possible to change the ~ to a |. As I mentioned at this stage we are only needing to do 810 Invoices.