Service Connect - Job Status Maintenance

Has anyone tried to create a workflow to firm and release jobs in E10? You can do this in one step using job status maintenance. I had this working in E9. I re-wrote it for E10 but can’t get it to work. It firms and releases the job but does not update the job number to the firm number.


The Job BO in 10 specifically for releasing and updating uses the BI (Before Image) which SC may not be passing correctly. Also are you using UpdateExt? If so that would / could cause a problem too.
Are you following a trace?

Hi Jose,
Thanks for the reply. I am following a trace. The trace uses mass update. I previously tried UpdateExt. But I have since changed several steps. I will try UpdateExt again instead of the mass update.

When I use the update ext I get a firm job number. I see the job number in the service connect log file. However I can’t access that job from job entry and the unfirm job number still exists. This is why I tried to use the mass update which is what’s used in the trace.

Can you try to firm them up using the jobEntry BO instead?

I’ll try that. I want to firm and release in one step. I’m not sure that’s possible using job entry. I supposed I could firm it, then retrieve the record with the firm job number and then do the release step all in one workflow.

thank you!

I am using the JobEntry BO. I’m getting this error:
msg:descriptionRow has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated.</msg:description
It is creating the firm job however something is not completing in the updateext step. Any ideas?


Are you using .Update or UpdateExt ?

Its a bit difficult to see what you have unless you post screenshots of your Workflow, the Update Schema etc… I have had something similar with ECOMtl it did not like UpdateExt() at all because Epicor didnt do the Sequencing properly or something - I had to use Update in a Cycle. I tried for 9 hours :slight_smile: Lesson Learned, stay away from UpdateExt… But in your case it may be something in your workflow.

I tried Update, UpdateExt and Mass Update (which is what the trace uses). This process involves firming an unfirm job so it changes the job number. In my other workflows I have used UpdateExt successfully. However this one is different because the key field (jobnum) is changing. I got this to work easily in E9. I have an Epicor consultant looking at it now because I am stuck.

@juliegartner Have you figured it out? I’m also stuck trying to firm all firmed jobs!