Service Connect - replacement

I currently use Service Connect to output an XML file when a Job is released - this is working fine.

I have a workflow that creates a LaborHed record and multiple LaborDtl records to automate labour bookings on the shopfloor based on an XML input.

I have a workflow that issues material to automate the ‘backflush’ process on the shopfloor based on an XML input.

The 2 input workflows are not working correctly - some XML files process - some XML files do not process.

I am currently trying to fix the workflows but I am now starting to think about an alternative approach.

Does anyone process XML files without using service connect?


You could do the same thing with a scheduled function.

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@rppmorris This sounds like backflush material and backflush labor. What are you doing that is outside of what the system would do?

I have bpms that do both of these based on our final audit operation being completed so it can be done without any XML at all.

Hi Greg,

We receive an XML output back from equipment on the shopfloor that details the material used and the time taken to produce.
Issue Materials - update the JobMtl table with the correct PartNum if it’s different - then issue the material.
Labor - create a LaborHed record if 1 doesn’t already exist for today - then add a LaborDtl record to record time and quantities.

This is processed at the moment through service connect which I am looking to replace.

Hope this makes sense.

@hmwillett - thank you for the reply.

I’ve just upgraded to Kinetic 2022.2 over the weekend so I will start reading up on functions and scheduled functions.
Do you know of any decent starting point in terms of user guide?


@hmwillett - excellent - I’m diving in.
Thank you.

We just did this with our upgrade. So much easier with function, and widgets provided a lot of the same functionality we found in SC. Add in full visibility through the libraries to add logging to the system monitor and it allows our users to be able to monitor their own processes.

Makes sense. I have read XML files in a UBAQ which was before functions, so this should work, but I have not done any functions yet.

I think the Ice tools guide has some examples.

Roberto, Hannah,
If you have an Epicweb account and access to Epicor Education look for:


Then you filter by “Function” and you get 2 manuals

Intro content:

Advanced content: