Service Connect running Product Config with Subconfigurations


Hoping to find someone that has created a SC solution that runs a Product Configuration with subconfigs. I am able to get the main config to run, but fail at getting the subconfigs to run. When I look to the trace, each time ProcessKeepWhen is ran, it builds a new row on the PcConfigurationParams table. The problem is, I have a subworflow that cycles for each subconfiguration that needs ran. So when it runs, the PcConfigurationParams row for the main config is there along with the PcConfigurationParams row that’s being processed. The problem is, each time my subworkflow cycles, I lose the previously added PcConfigurationParams row.

It’s almost like I need the subworkflow to pass the results back to the main workflow, but before each time the subworkflow is ran… to build the dataset. Hoping someone has done this before. Something is wrong with my looping I believe.