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I am struggling with creating a workflow to Add Sales Order and Lines. I am following a Main-Sub Workflow Approach where I am creating a Order Hed in Main WF and trying to create Lines in SUB WF.
Following is my CSV format:

I have achieved to generate Order Num and is able to pass it to Process Variable however, I am not able to iterate my Sub WF to create the Order Lines. and the WF Finishes as follows:


Not sure, why not the underlying Sub WF elements are being hit ?

Any hint ?

Have you thought about using DMT with the Sales Order Combined template and Powershell to import data rather than Service Connect? Far simpler if you are not a Developer. (307 Bytes)

Well , I am emphasizing on ESC, Rest, I am developing since 20+ years :slight_smile:

Check on the data being passed into the Sub workflow call: most likely cause here feels like it’s not being given any data to pass down.

Generally for this approach you’d store the input document to a message extension in the first step of workflow, store the order number to a process variable after the UpdateExt call and then restore the input document from extension to /msg/req/dta node before calling your sub-workflow.

Sub-workflow would then have the “Cycling execution” box ticked to call it for each line of your data: adding the lines 1 by 1.

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Thanks Derek. I will try to pass data in Extension
When I click on Sub WF node. I see the following :slight_smile:

Do you see anything further in this Failed Error ?

Also Cycling is already marked as shown below

And Build Path is already linked

Passing Data to Container works for me. This was the step that I missed completely.
One Question, that, is this container capable to hold Large amount of Input Data ?

Depends on your definition of large: I’m sure there is a limit somewhere but I’ve not run into it so far.

For most people a couple of hundred lines on an order is considered large: wouldn’t expect any issues until you get WAY beyond that level.