Service Contract Code Unit Price not used?

Hi all, I’m trying to get my head around service contracts. We offer a few different contracts for machine and software support to our customers with various pricing options. I created different service contract codes for each, set the prices. eg:

But unless I add some parts to the line items, AR Contract Invoicing does not generate invoices. And if add parts as line items to the contract, its using the part pricing not the contract pricing when the invoice is generated.

So what’s the unit price in the contract code for?


Parts are needed for the contract as that specifies which parts are covered when you create a service call.

the help tells you, it should use the contract price, however, the screen has other ideas, this would appear to be a bug and will need escalating to Epicor.

However, it would be fairly easy to write a BPM to update the contract price.

Thanks Andy, I have an epicare case logged.

On the otrher hand, it using the the part lines thing is kinda handy, as our contracts are per license count, and I can put the qty on the part line to compute the right price; will see what they come up with on the case.