Service Management / Maintenance Management

I am looking to implement the Maintenance Management Module. Is anyone currently using it here? I am looking to benchmark a current user, deployment, email notifications, pros and cons.

A few of us are, in varying extents… what are you looking for?

Thanks Mike, I am looking to connect with a current user. Currently we use the IQS maintenance for our Preventative and Reactive maintenance. We are looking to have auto generated PM schedules assigned to various individuals responsible for equipment and facilities maintenance. I am not certain how to get this accomplished.

I’m not sure… there are a lot things to consider to make the PM generation work like you want , but in any case the rules in general are:

  • the PM generator/scheduler uses the same engine as the production Job scheduler,
  • you create PM template jobs for each ‘different’ scenario equipment, resource, technician
  • if you want Production Resources to be scheduled for their PMs you have to have a PM Template job for each resource you want on the schedule
  • if you don’t want to schedule the downtime for a resource, or it’s not needed, then equipment can share a PM Template Job
  • the scheduler takes it’s clues from the Resource/Group setup and generates the schedule accordingly,
  • PM’s must be closed before a new one can be generated (for that equipment)

I’d have to check if you can do Capabilities on a PM template Job in order to pick from a pool of technicians…

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My company has used the maintenance module for a few years. It is not as good as a CMMS, but it can integrate maintenance jobs with production jobs to create a complete resource schedule. We also use parts in the job templates so that we have proactive procurement of spare parts.

We do not use people as resources or capabilities for jobs so I have not spent time researching that. We have maintenance planners in each operational area and they assign the maintenance jobs to individuals.

We added a BPM to give the planner the option of scheduling the next PM job relative to last due versus last done. Some areas needed that flexibility.

As mentioned above, you only get one open PM job per equipment plan. It is critical to close each PM job to get the next one. That is an adjustment for our planners.

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