Service PO

Is there a way to issue a PO for a service and then receive the invoice without having to ‘receive’ the goods?

Obviously E10 is built around a manufacturing model, but companies sometimes need to issue PO’s for services (paint the building, hire a consultant), it seems Epicor forces you to receive the lines on the PO in order to properly accept an invoice which ‘normal’ accounting software doesn’t need when product isn’t involved.

I think the Idea is that there are controls to prevent paying for a PO that hasn’t been received yet. And by forcing someone to “receive” the service, you’re making someone sign off that it was completed, and satisfactory.

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You can create a receipt for the PO and leave it in the arrived state, then when the invoice comes in, mark it received and complete.

Thanks. But it still means creating that extra PO Receipt data entry.