Set callContextBpmData Field in Kinetic Form?

Hi there,

I’m wanting to pass a call context field setting to a directive in UD01.GetaNewUD01.

In several events I’ve tried setting this in a row update where the binding is:


and the value is:


When I add in a dialog box, I see the value is set locally, but when the directive fires there, the data is not set at that point. I’ve added a SysUpdate event, but nothing changes.

Is there a magic word to update the call context view in the Kinetic layer so the directive can see it?



I’m not sure. I did a quick run in 2022.1.8…

  1. I went in and added a button
  2. I used row-update to add SMRM to ShortChar01 and did the dialog box like you did
  3. I did the call to GetNewUD01 (the GetANew preprocessor method just throws an exception with the value of ShortChar01)

Here is the flow:
image|620x154m, 75%

EDIT: I took out the exception, logged the information to the event viewer and then put another dialog after the GetaNew was called.

IN PREVIEW MODE: Not only did the ShortChar01 disappear on the BPM call, it also definitely was not there locally afterwards:



But if I click the button the second time it all works.

If I publish the layer and run it from the menu, it works as intended. Is this happening to you in preview mode?