Set field on Sales Order Form to field in Quote Form

I have “rep group” as a field in the quote form, I need to set the sales order form “rep group” field to be set to what is present in the quote form for “rep group”.

Is “rep group” a UD field?

And do you need it to happen for both ways to make an order from a quote (one is in Quote entry, the other is in Order entry)?

Yes, see below, “Primary Rep Group”/Character10 field name in QuoteHed_UD. Current process involves a quote being created with a rep group, then a sales order. We have our quote form rep field being updated after a sales order is created so I need to have the sales order rep group update if there is a change to the quote form rep group field.

So you want changes to a Quote to automatically update any order that references that quote number?

As usual, the deveil is in the details.

  • Do you want it to change closed orders too?
  • What about the fact that the Quote number is stored in the OrderDtl, and not the OrderHed? This means that multiple quotes might be referenced by a single order. Only process if all order lines match the Quote number?