Set Supplier with the Configurator


Is it possible to set the supplier for a Job Material during product configuration?

E.g. I have a part which can come from two different suppliers. I’d like to write a method rule which selects the supplier for that part/ material based on a rule or an input while configuring the product.

I’ve tried using Context.SupplierID but this has not worked - on the material in the job it uses the tag ‘JobMtl.VendorNumVendorID’ but this cannot be written to. My parts are ‘on the fly’ so this may be affecting it?

Any advice would be great, thanks.

I got this from my expert on Configurator:
You can set the JobMtl.VendorNum using the configurator in Configurator Rules. The special configurator function Context.SupplierID will only work when configuring a Purchase Order which is rare. This user is configuring for a Job via Order Entry or Job Entry. So the configurator will need some code to lookup the part in either the Approved Suppliers (AprvVend.PartNum) or Supplier Price List (VendPart.PartNum) and then return the VendorNum field to set for Jobmtl.VendorNum. The code will lookup the supplier based on whatever criteria the user selects during configuration.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Matt, yes that’s helpful thanks - gives me something to go on!