Setting up materials and operations for a part number

Hi! I’m trying to setup operations and materials directly to parts and assemblies so that when a job packet is created all the information is carried over. My company currently copies an old job packet for the same part number, and this contributes to a los of problems.

I am pretty sure Epicor 9 has a way to create parts and assign operations and materials to them because the method tracker shows a section where that information should ho, but I can’t seem to fin the right place to enter the information.


All materials and operations required to make a PartNum are parts of the Part Revision.

Look at Part Revision in the Part Master. Get the documentation on MOMs and BOMs and the Engineering Workbench. You’ll need to create a Revision and add these things to it. Best to educate yourself first :slight_smile: but you can also use the DMT (if it’s available in E9) as a shortcut to getting it all loaded up.

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Engineering workbench. From part master on the revision tab do an action > Revision > express checkout. There you can get details like in job entry to get a master set of operations and materials.

After you are doin the revision needs to be approved and checked back in. Once you have an understand then using DMT as @MikeGross points out will get you going quickly.


Thank you both. It’s good to know that DMT can help speed up the procees, but as you mentioned, I still need to familiarize myself with this process…. And even DMT because I haven’t had to use it and wouldn’t even know what template to use. I’m spending most of my time in the test environment until I’m comfortable changing the live version. Thank you!

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The fun thing of working on fixing things is that it becomes a never ending journey of finding more and more issues (:

Unfortunately, not all parts in our quotes/orders are saved as “Parts” in Epicor. We are able to create quotes with dummy P/N without forcing the user to create a P/N in the system first. I understand that creating a part number might not be as time efficient before the quote is won, but is there a way to prevent Epicor from creating an Order and Job if the P/N in the quote is not saved as such in the system? or are there other recommendations that you guys have? @gpayne @MikeGross

If we don’t save P/N in the system, then I can’t create the revisions you mentioned above for all our parts and would constantly have to get details from similar parts or to enter operations and materials for those orders with dummy P/N.


Yes, this is a problem. Parts on the fly seems to always end up being the quickest way to circumvent the process of getting parts created by another department and is often abused if no one is paying attention. And as you’ve learned, you cannot attach revisions and methods unless a P/N exists.

I would do three things -

  1. By Policy, make “Parts on the Fly” illegal except in very few circumstances.
  2. Create a BPM that prevents (or at least warns) a Part on the Fly and potentially email/alerts someone that it was used/created on a transaction so someone can follow up on it.
  3. Add any P/N that you need a Method for into Epicor as a P/N - and add the revisions & methods.

I don’t allow potf parts, but I believe potf parts are in the Part table just not visible?? If you were in 10 or 11 it would be simple to just make the part, but in 9 if would have to be done in ABL code.