Setting up sales tax - Documentation available?

Can anyone refer me to detailed documentation on how to set up sales tax per state? There seem to be so many screens involved in the set-up and I want to make sure I am covering all my bases. I have looked through the implementation guide where I logically thought I would find detail, but to no avail.




How far have you gotten since your post? I am doing the same right now and would like to see what course you took…



Yes, I did get it set-up, although the process is a little gritty.

You need to create a new GL segment/GL account (if this doesn’t already exist) pertaining to sales tax, then in GL Control Maintenance, use the “Tax” control and set up which journals you want to report to (in our case it was Adjustment and Invoicing journals). Once the control is set up properly, you can create a new tax type in Tax Type Maintenance and reference the GL control type you just created.

To apply to an invoice, under the “new” MENU in Invoice Entry, choose “New Header Tax Code” and select the tax type you created. The tax will be calculated. Hit “Manual Tax Calculation” to adjust tax if necessary. Make sure the full amount, including tax is entered in header.

I have some documentation I’d be happy to email you. Hopefully this helps.


Wonderful! Thanks for the answer. It does help. As I am wading deeper into this I am more convinced that we are going to do an integration of either Avalara or another third party to keep up with the updates…