Setup and Production Burden Rates

Vantage 8.03.410

Effective 10.30.17, our CFO adjusted the Setup and Production Burden Rates in Resource Group / Resource Maintenance.

Question: For existing Jobs I will find the “old” rate on the ‘Job Details > Operations > Scheduling Resources > Detail’ tab. Does the “old” rate listed here get used in the calculation that will impact the value eventually going into inventory? Or, is this value for Job Estimates only, and the actual will come from the new value entered in Resource Group / Resource Maintenance?

Are you standard cost for your parts or something else such as avg?

If standard costs those new rates will only apply after you do a cost roll

For jobs already out there those rates will be as of the time the job was

For new jobs it will pull the new resource group rates

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Thanks Mark. That is what I thought. Just wanted to confirm. And BTW, we are average cost.