Setup Email notification when Scheduled process fails

Hello team does anyone knows how to create in vantage an email notification when a process fails or if the appserver is down thanks

You can use a BPM to monitor system agent process and alert. For the app server you can use a few things but Powershell with the use of the command line asbman to check the status of the app server and then act on the result.

I am new in ABL i am not sure how to do the BPM and could you please send me an example how to monitor with powershell the appserver thanks

I am helping a friend that is in epicor 8.03

I am on the road this morning but will post the examples when I am back in the office this afternoon


Hi Alex, are you SQL or Prgress?

we are on sql and was able to get email notifications when there are scheduled task using sql. As well as automatic restart of the app servers in vantage.

this will only work if you are in sql though


Jose i am in SQL if you can send me that i will really appreciated

Use_SQL_to_Automatically_Jumpstart_Your_Stalled_Epicor_Print_Services.pdf (4.6 MB)

I found this in my old archives when i first did it!

i didnt use the SC part of it, intead i just did a store procedure to call out the batch file to restart the app servers. I also installed progress on the sql server (my vantage app is on a different server)

Let me know if this helps!