Several Unrelated Items

We use Symbol LS1006 scanners for data collection. We have modified
the job traveler to include barcodes for all pertinent information
including materials which we list on the traveler by operation where
used. The scanners have been well received by our employees and the
use of data collection has greatly increased our reporting accuracy.

On a separate note I was what others are doing in regards to entering
orders for items that can have various configurations. We repair
parts and each repair can have a different price depending on which
repair codes are required to repair the part. The repair codes all
have a specific price. And each part has a base repair cost. So, for
example, part "A" comes in for repair, it has a base price of $500.00
and repair code 300 priced at $200.00 and repair code 313 priced at
$150.00 so manually we can set the order up for $850.00. What we
would like to do is to somehow enter the part and the repair codes
required and have Vantage come up with the total price. I would
appreciate any suggestions.