Shared Warehouses Not Available in Receipt Entry


Hi All,

I’m working with Epicor support but I want to see if anyone has encountered this.
We just rolled out a new Site and we have defined shared warehouses from our Main site with the new site. These shared warehouses are listed in Part Entry under the new site.
After reviewing with support, everything is setup correctly but when we go to receive a PO, the only warehouses listed are the ones that are “local” to the site. We are expecting to be able to select from all valid warehouses including the shared warehouses.

Through troubleshooting, I discovered that I can manually type in the Warehouse Code for a shared warehouse it is accepts it.

It’s most likely filtering the warehouse list based on the site specified as the destination in the PO.

Unfortunately, I tested that too and it didn’t matter.
I changed the warehouse on the PO Release to the shared warehouse and it had no effect.

Still waiting to hear from support.

@joerojas where did you get up to with unsharing the warehouse?