Ship from stock still in inventory after packed

While most of our finished goods are set up as non-stock (i.e. they default to Make to Order and ship from the job/WIP), we still sell a large number of parts from stock. However, we’ve discovered that after we create a packID and add parts to it, the parts remain in inventory until they are shipped. This causes a big hassle when one of these parts that is waiting to ship comes up on cycle count, because then the counter has to track down where it is physically located due to it not actually being in that inventory location.

Is there anyway to get those items out of inventory, like into some sort of WIP, where they are no longer in an inventory location, until they ship and the final …-CUS transaction occurs?

From what I have been told by a few consultants. The only way to reserve stock to a sales order is with the Advanced Material Module. Then you have access to reserve stock via the fulfilment workbench.

Id be happy to hear about any work arounds, as we often stage incomplete orders on our shipping dock for a couple of days while we complete the rest of the order, and this causes issues with double reserving stock for different orders.

Yeah, we have the AMM and that is exactly what we do. But reserving the material doesn’t remove it from inventory or from not appearing on a cycle count.

I’m going to be exploring moving those items to/shipping from a non-nettable location and see how that impacts MRP supply creation.