Shipment Notification

Any one has experience on shipment notification? Setup steps or procedure? Thanks.

Hi Ben: if you mean job shipments, you could setup a data directive BPM on the “shipped” field.


This should also work for Inventory Shipments.
The challenge with a BPM on ShipHed is when Shipping users mark the shipment shipped and then unshipped.

Good point! Might be good to set up separate notifications to handle both cases: changed from False to True and changed from True to False.

If you use AutoInvoice, it shouldn’t be a problem. Add a BPM on CustShip UpdateMaster Post-Processing when ReadyToInvoice flag is ticked.

Give it a try enabling the global alert for “Order has been shipped”.

I can’t get this one to work… were you able to?

Create and activate standard Data directive in the Alert Q table.
In the workforce maintenance salesperson record should be assigned to role code “salesperson” and should have valid email id.
Salesperson should be authorized for the respective sales territory for which the customer belongs.
Activate the global alert for “order has been shipped”.

If you have APR you can send the packing slip at the time it gets click shipped.