Shipment notificaton

Trying to have a customer get notified when a shipment is sent out. I found the spot under Customer Maintenance and tested it but it isn’t working.

It’s taken a few iterations of work to get this to work best for our situation. In our operation, it isn’t uncommon for a pack to be marked shipped, then not shipped and then shipped again. My early iterations resulted in duplicate e-mails in these circumstances. Our current implementation avoids that.

Here are the key pieces of our current implementation using Advanced Print Routing to send the Tracking number and Packing slip to the customer.

  • UD field TrackingSent_c on ShipHead table
  • Data directive on ShipHead that calls a Kinetic Function (ShipTrackingEmail) to send an e-mail if the ShipStatus = “Shipped” and TrackingSent_c = false and TrackingNumber != “”
  • The ShipTrackingEmail function uses Business Objects to retrieve the shipment, update ShipHead.TrackingSent_c to true, and print a packslip style that is configured to e-mail the customer.
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