Shipments and Invoicing and Sales

I am struggling to get my head around this, if we raise a Shipping document on the 31st (dated 31st) of the month(EOM) and then don’t mark it shipped until 1st or 2nd (New Month), which month will the sales be realised in?
I am looking at it logically and have said it will appear in the new month BUT our Ops Manager has said it has been done for years (Not that makes it right) and we need to change the system.

I am not fully understanding of Financial Transactions.

Sales realisation is based on the actual date of shipment, which in Epicor is taken to be the ship date on pack slip. If the packslip is made in the previous month but marked shipped in the next month, sales realisation will be done based on the ship date. If the actual shipment happened on the 1st then the ship date should be changed.

Hi Vinay,
Thanks for responding, so if they raised the Document on the 1st and dated it the 31st what would happen there?


Shipped date as in the date it was ticked Shipped which performs the actual transaction?


Company Configuration has a setting that you probably want to consider:

From Field Help:
Use Shipment Date for Invoice Date
Indicates that you want the date of shipment to be the date that the invoice is marked as issued when this check box is selected. Clear this check box to indicate that the invoice date will be the date that it is created.

The Ship Date is a field on the Customer Shipment which defaults to the current date when a shipment is created in Epicor. If you create a shipment on the 1st, the Ship Date will default to the first. If Finance has not closed the previous period yet, the user can change the Ship Date to the 31st and when the packing slip is marked as shipped, the financial transactions (reducing inventory/WIP and increasing COGS) will take place using the 31st date.

In your original case, the shipment transactions would be realized in the previous month.