Shipments not prevented with Credit Hold

We have a customer on credit hold, which is verified in both Customer Maintenance and Customer Credit Manager.

(Customer Maintenance > Billing > Credit > Credit Detail)

(Customer Credit Manager > Credit)

We also have the ‘Credit / Aging Limit Actions’ set accordingly in: Company Configuration > Modules > Sales > Order

But, for some reason, I am allowed to open up Customer Shipment Entry and create a shipment for the customer that is on Credit Hold…Epicor realizes that customer is on a Credit Hold, as it shows the big red box in the Summary screen:

Is there another step I am overlooking or is something strange with this?

Epicor will prevent you from checking the Shipped checkbox. It isnt Shipped until you try to Ship it, just having it in Customer Shipment Entry, doesn’t mean its shipped.

Notice the Shipped checkbox grayed out.

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@hasokeric - I wish I could say that it is that simple, but unfortunately it is not. I was able to add lines to the shipment, print labels, and ship it off without any kind of warning/error/message popping up saying that the customer is on Credit Hold.

The shipment processed fully, requiring me to unship it, re-open it, delete it, etc. It followed the process exactly as it should…for a customer that isn’t on Credit Hold.

Have you looked at these settings?

Edit: nvm I see that was one of your screenshots above, sorry I don’t know!


Just stumbled upon this setting, make sure its not checked.

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Are you sure there wasn’t a Credit Override at the Order level for that particular shipment?

Your screenshots match up with behavior I’ve seen in the past for that scenario… You can create / process the shipment but you still get the red Credit Hold banner.

It’s not always obvious when a manual Credit Override is in play… query the OrderHed table to be sure.

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@hasokeric - You had me excited for a minute, because I never checked that specific setting…the excitement was quickly gone though :frowning:

@TomAlexander -

SELECT * FROM [Erp].[OrderHed] WHERE [CreditOverride] = 1

A total of 7 rows. One of those rows is for OrderNum 1825954, which matches the order that was originally being questioned.

Now my question is: How does one do a manual Credit Override? I do not see any obvious way to do that (or to undo it for that matter).

EDIT: Scratch that - I see how that happens now (Clicking “No” to putting existing orders on hold when Credit Hold is checked for the customer).

My Finance and Customer Service team thank all of you for your help in this matter :slight_smile:


Besides clicking “No” you can also use Customer Credit Manager

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A very useful tool.

Please mark a solution if possible.

I could have sworn I had already done that. It’s done now though, heh.

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Recommend building a dashboard showing all orders that are on credit hold.
Make the Credit Override field updatable.
Makes it real easy and timely for finance to remove an order from credit hold.

PS - If you link open AR Invoices to the customer on the order, you can determine if you want to release a customer’s order from hold.

I’ll run that past the powers over here and see what their thoughts are. It sounds like a great idea, but it is my experience that great ideas are often discarded around here.